29 Online Payment Methods You Can Use for Your eCommerce Store

There are generally two types of online payment methods for eCommerce websites to implement at their checkout systems: manual and automatic. Manual payment methods are a type of payment system that requires customers to make payments without using a credit card or payment provider. This can include payment methods such as cash on delivery, point of sale, card-to-card, or bank transfers. Automatic payment methods are facilitated through online payment gateways using a variety of payment options, such as credit cards, debit cards, or digital wallets.

Learn more about the types of online payment methods.

Here we listed the most famous online payment gateways and third-party payment providers that you can integrate into your online store

29 Online Payment Gateways


PayPal is a third-party payment provider. It’s one of the most popular and well-known online payment options. It has over 254 million users and is currently used by over 17 million businesses. This means that offering PayPal as a checkout option on your website can make it easier for a large number of people to make purchases from your business.

PayPal’s data shows that customers who use PayPal to check out convert at 82% higher rates than with other payment options. This indicates that offering PayPal as a payment option can be a valuable tool for improving the checkout experience on your website and ultimately driving more sales and revenue. Adding a PayPal button to your checkout process is relatively simple, and can be done without the need for a developer if you use an eCommerce solution that supports PayPal. 

You should be aware that PayPal charges a transaction fee of 30 cents plus 2.9% for each purchase processed through their platform.


Stripe is a popular payment processing platform that makes it easy for businesses to accept card payments. It offers many options for the checkout process, including an embedded checkout that can be added to your website with a simple line of code, and a custom UI toolkit for creating a more unique payment form.

Stripe is a feature-rich platform that can be a good basis for other online payment methods to be added onto.

Stripe charges a transaction fee of 30 cents plus 2.9% for domestic credit card processing, and 8% for ACH payments.

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is a payment service offered by online retail giant Amazon. It allows customers to use the payment and shipping information stored in their Amazon account to make purchases on other websites, without the need to enter their payment and shipping details again. This makes it easier and faster for customers to shop online, and it also helps businesses by reducing shopping cart abandonment and increasing conversion rates.

Amazon Pay is available on a wide range of websites and can be used with a variety of payment methods, including credit and debit cards, digital wallets, and Amazon’s own payment service – Amazon Prime.

As for the fees, Amazon charges a transaction fee of 30 cents plus 2.9% for each purchase made through Amazon Pay.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a mobile payment service offered by Apple Inc. that allows users to make payments using their Apple devices, such as an iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, or Mac. 

To use Apple Pay, users need to have an Apple device that is compatible with the service and a supported payment card, such as a credit or debit card. They can then add their payment card to the Apple Pay wallet on their device and use it to make payments in person, in iOS apps, and on the web.

eCommerce platforms like WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Shopify allow merchants to enable Apple Pay by simply going into their backends and selecting it as an available payment method.

Google Pay

Google offers its own online payment method, called Google Pay. This service allows customers to easily make payments using their Google account, without having to enter their payment information each time. 

Google Pay is convenient for many people, as hundreds of millions of Google users already have their card information saved to their Google accounts.

One of the advantages of Google Pay is that it is free for both merchants and customers to use. This can be a cost-effective option for businesses looking to accept online payments from customers.


Flutterwave is a payment gateway that is supported in Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania, the United Kingdom, America, and Europe.

In addition to these local cards, Flutterwave allows you to receive payments from all MasterCard and Visa Cards. It accepts payments in more than 30 currencies.

Flutterwave charges different fees for local and international transactions.


Razorpay provides online payment and financial services for businesses and individuals and it is only supported in India. Only the Indian Edition users of Zoho Inventory can  integrate with Razorpay.

Razorpay enables merchants to offer customers to choose from 100+ various payment modes, including Credit/Debit cards, Netbanking, UPI, Wallets and many more.

For domestic cards, netbanking and wallets the payment gateway fee is always 2% along with 18% GST on the fee.


iyzico is a payment solution that allows businesses to accept payments from customers using various payment methods.

You can easily get paid with iyzico’s Link solution without the need for integration.

iyzico’s Multi-Currency feature allows you to take payments from anywhere in the world in US Dollars, Euros, Great British Sterling, Russian Ruble, Swiss Francs and Norwegian Krone currencies as well as in Turkish Liras through Visa and Mastercard branded cards.

Mercado Pago

Mercado Pago is the largest online payment platform in Mexico. It is a payment gateway that allows you to accept payments from customers in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Uruguay.

Mercado Pago makes it easy to send and receive online payments. It offers several ways for users to make and receive payments, including payment links on social media and WhatsApp, QR codes for in-person payments, and a MercadoPago checkout option for online stores.


Myfatoorah is a comprehensive online payment solution that is well-suited for businesses in the Middle East region such as Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Emirates, Qatar, Egypt, Oman, and Jordan. The wide range of supported countries and currencies, as well as the variety of payment methods supported, makes it a convenient and flexible option for businesses looking to accept payments online.

The ability to integrate with various eCommerce platforms and shopping carts through plugins and SDKs is also a useful feature, as it allows businesses to easily set up and manage their online payment processing.

Myfatoorah makes its money by charging a transaction fee. Their standard charges are 2% for Knet payments and 3.5% for credit cards, this means if you bill a client KD100, Myfatoorah will take KD2 if the client pays using Knet. KNET is the dominant card-based payment method in Kuwait.


Verifone offers a range of products and services for businesses like payment gateway services, mobile payment solutions, and point-of-sale terminals.

The company’s products and services are used by merchants, financial institutions, and other organizations to securely and conveniently process electronic payments and manage their financial operations. 

Verifone offers payment expertise, solutions, devices and services that add value at the point of sale, be it in-store, online, self-service, or on a mobile device.


Masterpass is a digital wallet that was launched by Mastercard. It allows Mastercard holders to easily and securely make payments on your website without having to enter their payment information each time. 

Additionally, Mastercard does not charge any fees for using Masterpass.


Square is primarily known for its in-person point-of-sale (POS) payment processing solutions, but the company also offers eCommerce payment solutions. They have an online payment application programming interface (API) that allows businesses to accept a variety of payment methods, including Google Pay, Apple Pay, Mastercard, and credit card payments.

Square offers an easy checkout solution that allows customers to set up profiles at the same time that they provide their payment information. This can be convenient for customers, as it allows them to quickly and easily make future purchases without having to re-enter their payment information each time.

Square charges a transaction fee of 2.9% plus $.30 per payment for its online payment processing services. This is similar to the fees charged by other online payment processing companies. Overall, Square can be a useful tool for businesses looking to accept a variety of online payment methods from customers.

Visa Checkout

Visa Checkout is a payment option on your website, you can make the checkout process easier for Visa cardholders, who make up a significant portion of your audience. This can be especially useful if you are targeting a global audience, as Visa is a widely accepted payment method around the world.

Visa Checkout is designed to be convenient and user-friendly, and it has advanced security features to protect both the customer and the business. Visa’s data shows that offering Visa Checkout can increase conversions by 42%, indicating that it can be a valuable tool for improving the checkout experience on your website.

Additionally, Visa Checkout offers easy setup options, so you can quickly and easily integrate it into your website and start accepting payments through this payment option. This can help you provide a more seamless and convenient checkout experience for your customers, which can ultimately lead to more sales and revenue for your business.


Alipay is a digital wallet popular with customers from China and is also available in many other countries around the world.

To use Alipay, a customer simply selects it as a payment option at the checkout stage of a merchant’s website and then logs in with their Alipay credentials or scans a QR code using the Alipay mobile app.

There are several benefits to using Alipay for online payments. For example, it does not allow for chargebacks, which can be a concern for merchants. It also offers real-time payment confirmation and a high conversion rate, which can help increase sales for businesses. 


BitPay is a Bitcoin payment processing company based in the United States. It is one of the first companies to offer Bitcoin payment services. BitPay allows businesses and individuals to accept Bitcoin payments and also offers tools for merchants to manage and track their Bitcoin transactions. 

One of the features of the BitPay wallet is that it is open-source, which means that the source code for the wallet is publicly available and can be accessed, reviewed, and modified by anyone. This can have several benefits, including increased security, transparency, and community involvement. 

In addition to the United States, BitPay operates in several other countries around the world, including Canada, Europe, and South America.


Braintree is a payment gateway that allows businesses to accept online and mobile payments from their customers. It is a division of PayPal and is known for its security and reliability.

Braintree payment gateway extension is a plugin that allows online stores to add the Braintree payment method to their website. This can simplify the payment process for customers, as they can make payments directly on the store’s website without being redirected to another payment gateway.

In terms of fees, Braintree has payment gateway fees 2.9% + $.30 per transaction. The exact fee will depend on the payment method used by the customer and the country in which the transaction takes place.


BlueSnap is a payment platform that helps businesses accept and process local and international payments. It offers a range of payment solutions, including online and mobile checkout, subscriptions, invoices, virtual terminals, and marketplaces. It also integrates with many popular payment systems, such as PayPal, Apple Pay, and Visa Checkout.

One of the key features of BlueSnap is its fraud protection technology, which helps to reduce unauthorized payments by 80%. The platform also connects businesses to 30+ acquiring banks, which can help to increase revenue and reduce cross-border fees by improving payment conversion rates.

BlueSnap also has an innovative subscription billing engine that can generate accurate bills and reach clients worldwide. It is easy to set up and customize, with no setup costs and customizable pricing options based on transaction volume. The US pricing rate for debit and credit card transactions is 2.9% + $0.30 for companies that are unable to provide existing processing statements.


eWAY is an online payment platform that allows businesses to accept payments from customers through their eCommerce websites. It supports a wide range of shopping cart and software providers, making it easy for online stores to start accepting payments from customers. eWAY has no setup fees, monthly fees or lock-in contracts.

Eway acts as intermediary between a merchant’s website and the credit card processing network, handling the secure transmission of payment information from the customer to the merchant.

eWAY charges your 1.5% + 25c Per Visa and Mastercard transaction. 


Worldpay is a payment gateway provider that allows merchants to accept online payments from customers. With a Worldpay payment gateway, merchants can securely process a wide variety of payment types, including credit and debit cards, e-checks, and alternative payment methods. The Worldpay gateway also offers fraud prevention tools, risk management features, and analytics capabilities to help merchants manage their online payment processing.

To use the Worldpay payment gateway, merchants will need to have a Worldpay merchant account. The gateway can be integrated with a variety of shopping carts, POS systems, booking systems, and other types of online platforms to enable seamless payment processing. Merchants can also choose to use the Worldpay gateway with their own custom-built e-commerce website or platform.

Worldpay charges 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. However, higher-volume merchants may qualify for a lower rate of 2.7% + $0.30 per transaction.


PayU is a financial technology company that provides online payment solutions for businesses and consumers.

The company operates in 16 countries across Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa, and offers a range of services, including payment processing, credit and lending, and fraud prevention. 

PayU offers some advantages for businesses, including a simple integration process, support for a wide range of payment methods, and robust security measures to protect both the business and the customer. It can be a useful tool for businesses looking to accept online payments from customers.


Adyen is a global payment service provider that offers e-commerce, mobile, and point-of-sale payments.

One of the key features of Adyen is its fraud protection, which uses AI and a rule-based risk ecosystem to keep transactions secure. This can give businesses confidence in using Adyen as a payment gateway on their website. 

Adyen allows you to customize payment flows, layouts, advertising, languages, tax, tipping, receipts etc., and makes it easier to apply discounts, rewards and one-click payments using payment-linked data.


Authorize.net is an online payment methods that offers a versatile choice of plans for businesses of all sizes. It supports a wide range of currencies, as well as all major credit cards and digital wallets. Authorize.net accepts transactions from shoppers worldwide, making it a convenient option for businesses looking to accept payments from customers around the world.

One thing to keep in mind about Authorize.net is that to integrate it on your website, your business must be registered in Canada, Europe, Australia, the US, or the UK. This may limit its availability for some businesses. 

Additionally, Authorize.net offers a merchant account and fast transfers, which can be useful for managing your finances and moving funds quickly.


Due to an online payment gateway that provides merchants with the ability to accept and process electronic payments from customers. Due offers a variety of payment services, including support for credit and debit card payments, eChecks, ACH payments and digital wallets and others. 

The company is focused on providing excellent customer service and security, and offers a range of features and tools to help merchants streamline their payment process and reduce the risk of fraud. It is common for payment gateways like Due to offer sign-up and account creation for free, as well as support for multiple payment methods.

Due payments charge a flat 2.7% transaction fee for credit card processing, stating no setup fees. This puts it slightly lower than other flat online payment options like Stripe and PayPal online payments (2.9% + 30 cents).


GoCardless is a payment processing company that allows merchants to accept and process online payments from customers using direct debit. Direct debit is a payment method that allows merchants to withdraw funds directly from a customer’s bank account, rather than charging their credit or debit card. This can be a convenient and secure payment option for both merchants and customers, as it eliminates the need for card information to be entered and transmitted online.

GoCardless is known for its easy payment processing setup and its ability to help merchants track payment transactions. It is generally considered to be a good option for merchants who want to accept direct debit payments, as it offers a range of features and tools to help them streamline their payment process and reduce the risk of fraud.
GoCardless charges a flat 1% plus $0.25 up to a maximum fee of $2.50 altogether. An additional fee of 0.3% applies if the transaction is more than $1,000.

Payline Data

Payline Data primarily offers payment processing services to merchants within the United States. The company does have some international capabilities, including the ability to process payments in over 130 currencies and the ability to accept payments from customers around the world.

If you are a merchant located outside the US and need payment processing services, there are many other options available to you. Some other companies that offer payment processing services on a global scale include Stripe, PayPal, and Worldpay. These companies offer a range of payment processing services, including credit and debit card processing, payment gateway services, and more. 

Payline Data’s first month is free. Interchange plus 0.4% and 10 cents for in-person transactions, and $10 per month. Interchange plus 0.75% and 20 cents for online transactions, and $20 per month. Pricing varies by card type for manually keyed transactions.


BluePay is indeed a payment processing company that offers a range of payment processing services to merchants in the United States and Canada. The company’s services are suitable for both business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) business models.

One of the key features of BluePay is its omnichannel payment processing capability, which allows merchants to accept payments from customers through multiple channels, including online, in-store, and via mobile devices. This can be a valuable feature for merchants who want to offer their customers a convenient and seamless payment experience across different channels.

BluePay charges a $15 monthly service fee and a $30 monthly PCI non-compliance fee.


CardConnect is a financial technology company that provides a range of payment processing and technology solutions for businesses. It is a division of Fiserv, a global financial technology services provider. 

CardConnect’s solutions include credit card processing, payment gateway services, payment integration, and other related services. These services help businesses to manage their payments and financial transactions more efficiently, including the ability to maintain multiple bank accounts in a single platform. 


Dwolla is a payment processing company that focuses on providing simple and easy-to-use payment solutions for businesses and individuals.

Dwolla offers a range of payment processing solutions, including a payment gateway, an automated clearing house (ACH) platform, and a white-label API for custom integrations. Its services are designed to help businesses streamline their financial operations, reduce the risk of fraud, and improve the overall customer experience. 

Dwolla is a popular choice for businesses that want to offer their customers a convenient and secure way to make payments online or in person.

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