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Moving from WooCommerce to
My website is on wordpress, I’m moving from wordpress to I’ve a new project now I’m working on with
store.ico is the most wonderful system in eCommerce.
I can say it’s the best eCommerce platform, looks so professional even in its early development.
Good support, some room for improvement has a lot of potential, but I found some of the features very useful like sending link over WhatsApp.
it was just what I needed
I must say, store.ico has been very helpful since I started using the platform for my clients. It’s a lifesaver in case of time and money.
Great project and soft UX
I researched a bit about the product and team. The team is experienced. These guys know what they’re doing. And the product is well designed.
Great team, promising project.
I must say this project has a huge potential! I’m working with a couple of merchants.
Selling online made easy.
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