What is SaaS eCommerce platform?

SaaS or Software as a Service is a model through which an application or software is licensed and hosted by a provider and distributed to be used over the internet. Users can simply use this software via the internet without needing to own the hardware needed to run a software program.

SaaS applications are mostly on-demand, web-based applications which can be accessed by paying a certain amount.

SaaS eCommerce platforms, working on the same idea, are software specifically built to run eCommerce stores using a web-based application. These eCommerce platforms are accessible over the internet and anyone can pay to use this software to open their online shop.

It is basically renting software, but instead of downloading and installing it on your computer, you can easily access it over the internet via a browser. In this way, you won’t have to worry about the hardware requirements to run that specific software.

How does the SaaS eCommerce platform work?

Consider using a SaaS platform for eCommerce as accessing software online from a third-party company and building your online store on that software. While you don’t have to worry about how that software runs, you are responsible for how your store looks and runs. 

Although you have the option of customizing your web store, it is somewhat limited to the features available and you can only customize with the available options of specific providers. However, if you are looking for a service that gives you an option to swiftly set up your online operations and run them in no time, SaaS is the way to go.

SaaS eCommerce platforms charge a monthly or annual fee to provide various eCommerce-related features and services. The amount can vary depending on the number of features such as hosting method, storage, number of listings in the store, and the number of employees using that software to manage the store.

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