Payriff is a payment solution for online transactions that is supported in Azerbaijan.
With PayPal, you can receive payments from a variety of sources, including credit and debit cards, bank transfers, and PayPal balances.
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Integrating Payriff for's App Store

Payriff is a payment solution for online transactions that is supported in Azerbaijan.
How to set up PayPal payment gateway?
1. Log in to your admin panel.
2. Navigate to the Settings → Payments in your admin panel.
3. Click on the "Add payment method" anchor text.
4. If available with your store currency, select "Payriff" as your payment provider (if not available, follow these steps).
5. Here, on the "Enable payment method" section, click on the toggle to enable the payment method.
6. Then, enter the "Public Key" and "Secret Key" from your Payriff account, then click on the Submit button.
To access your Public Key (named Merchant on Payriff's admin panel) and Secret Key:
Make sure you've created your merchant account on Payriff.
 - Login to your Payriff account
 - Go to the "Applications" from the left menu.
 - Here, you'll see the Public Key (under the Merchant column) and Secret key.
You can also enable the Sandbox mode to test the keys. For this,
 - Click on the More options on the same page, and click on the toggle to enable the Sandbox mode.
 - Next, write down the same keys to the "Test Secret key" and "Test Public key" input boxes to test the Payriff payment method at the checkout.
Payriff supported currencies
Currently, Payriff supports three currencies: Azerbaijani Manat, United States Dollar, and Euro.
Azerbaijani Manat : AZN
United States Dollar : USD
Euro : EUR
Payriff isn't available with your store currency
If Payriff payment isn't available due to your store currency, you cannot select this payment provider. For this, you need to change your store's currency.
Learn more about "Setting up a currency for your online store".
To change your store's currency:
 - Head to the Settings → General in your admin panel.
 - Click on the "Standards and formats" settings.
 - From the Currency dropdown, menu select the currency that Payriff supports.
Read more about "payment gateway doesn't support your currency".
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