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9 reasons why is the best eCommerce platform for digital creators

The evolution of eCommerce has advanced to a point where online sellers are not limited to selling physical products alone. Today's eCommerce presents a significant opportunity for creators to monetize their skills and experiences.

From digital products and online courses to SEO services and consultations or art workshops, it's evident that creators are adeptly leveraging social media as a marketing channel to promote and sell their offerings.

Whether they're utilizing Twitter or Instagram to expand their customer base or engaging with a subreddit community, one question arises: how can they easily convert interest into actual sales and receive payments?

Straight to the point, we’re giving 10 reasons why the best platform for digital creators to sell products and services online and accept payment.

Why is the best platform for creators? helps digital creators sell their products and services, accept payments with a quick link, and spend their earnings easily.

In its simplest form, allows you to:

  • Create a quick payment link for your product and services.
  • Receive payments from more than 135 countries.
  • Spend your earnings with the virtual Card, which is accepted wherever Visa is accepted.
  • Start selling through an instant online store for free.

Now, let’s delve into each solution we provide and see why we stand out.

"Sell via Link" - quick payment link

"Sell via Link" is one of the sales channels of It allows creators and sellers to generate a quick payment link for their products or services.

This not only eliminates the need for a full website but also simplifies the sales process, enabling transactions to take place directly through these links.

To sell and receive payments via link, you don’t need to have your bank account or deal with legal regulatory challenges.

After you get paid via payment link, you can spend your earnings with a virtual Card. Card

The virtual Card empowers sellers to manage and spend their earnings effortlessly. Card is a virtual Visa card for creators and micro businesses with the freedom to spend their earnings anywhere. You can add the Card to your digital wallet or make the online transactions where Visa cards are accepted.

Selling channels for every niche

You can sell anything with, of course, except prohibited products and services.

From digital creations to physical products, accommodates a wide range of offerings, catering to the diversity of creators and small businesses.

Whether you are selling your Framer template, teaching a course, giving financial advice, or doing DIY projects and workshops, you can create a quick payment link for your offering, and get paid right away.

Beside the "Sell via Link", you can also have your online store on to have dedicated digital storefront to showcase your offerings in a cohesive and organized manner.

Instant online store

Once you create an account on you get your free instant online store. 

You can step up payment gateways, add products, set up shipping rules in minutes, and start selling right away.

You can also add your custom domain or customize your storefront with a no-code theme editor to feel your brand.

Various payment solutions for every need offers a diverse range of payment methods, including native Pay and integrated third-party payment gateways. This flexibility allows online sellers to decide the way they want to operate and accept payments in the currency they prefer depending on their location.

With Pay, you can accept payments in over 135 countries through "Sell via Link" also comes with built-in leading payment gateways like PayPal, Stripe, Flutterwave, Paystack, etc.

Other than that, offers Cash on Delivery for businesses who prefers manual payment options.

Accessibility and simplicity is designed for the general public. Having a user-friendly interface makes it easy for creators and small businesses to start selling with payment links or set up their online stores in minutes.

When you create an account on, you’re given 2 sales channels:

  1. Instant online store ready to set up
  2. Sell via Link to create a quick payment link

Moving forward, it’s up to you to sell via payment links, from your online store, or utilize both channels.

Free plan for beginners

You can start selling with with zero budget. All you need to do is sign up. Once you create your account you can start selling on your online store or though the "Sell via Link".

Global and location-specific payment gateways integrates leading global and region-specific payment gateways, enabling sellers to expand their reach and accept payments from diverse markets.

Plus, we offer PayPal, Stripe, and location-specific payment gateways for sellers from specific regions:

  • Africa: Flutterwave, Paystack, Yoco
  • Europe: Vipps, Nets Easy, Mollie
  • Latin America: Mercado Pago
  • Asia: Razorpay, Mamo

Great support

Your success is our priority, and we're committed to providing the support you need throughout your digital journey. team is easily accessible through multiple channels, including the site chat, email, and phone calls.

We're fully prepared to assist you in achieving your goals of selling your products or services and ensuring you receive prompt and secure payments.

Start selling services & spend your earnings with

At, we're debated to help digital creators, individual sellers, and micro & small businesses with accessible tools, flexible payment options, and personalized support.

To get started to sell and receive payments for free, create an account on

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